May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts

Retreat House

Bishop Molloy Retreat House has served the needs of men and women looking for a spiritual oasis since 1924. The ministry of Bishop Molloy Retreat House is all about keeping alive the memory of the Passion and death of Jesus Christ. The Retreat House is sponsored by the Passionist Priests and Brothers who see Christ’s Passion and Death as the most outstanding sign of God’s love for each of us.  The retreat experience at Bishop Molloy encourages people to trust in God’s love revealed by Jesus on the cross. The cross reminds us that there is nothing that we have ever done, or that anyone can ever do to us, that can separate us from the Love of God!



The Degnon Estate
The Passionists used a room in the Degnon Estate as a chapel for Mass and on November 9, 1924 celebrated Mass for the first time in the “frame Church”, the original parish chapel.


First Retreat
In November, 1924, the Passionists began their retreat ministry in Jamaica. Nine men made first retreat with Fr William Harding as retreat director. Fr. Stephen Sweeney was the first retreat preacher.


New Retreat Wing 1953
In 1953 the Passionists moved out of the Degnon estate and completed the construction of a 74-room retreat house wing naming it in honor of Bishop Molloy. On October 11, 1953 the Passionists dedicated the new wing that allowed the Retreat House to accommodate more than 100 guests.

The May, 1924 Sign Magazine reported the news of the new Passionist foundation in Jamaica as follows:
“The Passionist Fathers have been affiliated with the large and thriving diocese of Brooklyn through their foundation at Shelter Island. Bishop Molloy has now approved their selection of a site at Hillside near Jamaica – a site combining rural solitude and accessibility, and thus admirably adapted to his purpose of having week-end retreats conducted for the men of his diocese. In approving this foundation His Lordship further expressed his assurance that a monastery thus located and in which the strict monastic rule and observance were maintained would be a notable spiritual asset and a source of edification to the community. Thus located, moreover, the Fathers can more conveniently lend that co-operation to the clergy of the diocese which for many years they have endeavored to extend in the various works of the ministry.”

In our prayer and ministries we seek to keep in our hearts the Passion of Jesus Christ crucified which Pope Benedict XVI says is “the unsurpassing revelation of God's love.”



Bishop Molloy Retreat House Today
Who comes to Bishop Molloy for a retreat?  Members of the NYPD and the FDNY; politicians; lawyers; alcoholics; drug addicts; and people with other addictions;  business men and women; abused women and men; seminarians; religious sisters and brothers; priests; deacons; college, high school, and middle school students; Protestant clergy and laity; mystics and repentant sinners.   Contact the Retreat House:   Bishop Molloy Passionist Retreat House, 86-45 Edgerton Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11432. Tel #:  718-739-1229
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