May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts

Agnus Dei Mass Cards

Mass cards can be used for various occasions, a happy occasion, death, or an illness. Use an Agnus Dei Mass card to show understanding and compassion to a bereaved family; encouragement in times of illness; or a celebration of a happy occasion. Keep a supply of cards on hand until you need to juse one. Choose either from our pre-assembled sets or create your own set of Mass cards (Not to Exceed 12 Total). Each time you use a card fill out the accompanying form to enroll the person named in the card and mail it to the Immaculate Conception MOnastery together with the minimum donation of $5.00, or submit your enrollment online. Once an enrollment is submitted the enrolle will immediately begin to share the benefit of 100 Masses offered especially for the memebrs of the society. The Masses are celebrarted by the Passionists Priests at the Immaculate Conception Monastery, Jamaica, New York, within one year of the date of enrollment.